The RBC MUN Conference will be on the 22nd Feburary 2019 at the Campus of UWC Robert Bosch College.

We are very thankful to welcome students/participants from UWC Maastricht, UWC Mostar or the Deutsch-Französiche Gymnasium Freiburg and several other institutions that will attend our conference. Furthermore, we are warmly welcoming, our guest speaker, Maja Groff. Her current work deals with a range of international human rights, private and public law topics.

Our committees during the day include:

Economic and Social Council

Finding an international framework for the use of cryptocurrencies

General Assembly –First Committee

Solving the disputes of the South China Sea

General Assembly –Third Committee

Les droits migratoires des femmes au Moyen Orie

Historical Crisis Committee

Responding to the Tiananmen Squarestudent protests of 1989

High Commissioner for Refugees

Combatting the challenge of mass displacement caused by rising sea levels in the South Pacific

Human Rights Council

Addressing alleged human rights abuses in Chinese vocational and training centers in Xinjiang province

International Criminal Court

Prosecuting Mohammed Bin Salman for his role in the Saudi-led coalition in the Yemen Civil War

Spanish Committee

Combatting the Venezuelan crisis and the intervention of North, South and Central America

Security Council

Re-establishing sovereignty Eastern Ukraine

World Health Organization

Establishing facilities for safe abortion in West and Central Africa